Bodies of Water Resources – Where Does Water Come From?

People in ages past and current time have wondered where does water comes from? So where does water come from? People have noted that there is water only on the planet earth and not on other planets in the solar system. Some people will say that water does exist on other planets and that we have not yet discovered it. There are really only two lines of thought as to the origin of water. One line of thought tells us that water came into formation 4.6 billion years ago by the cooling of primordial Earth, from comets as they passed near and Earth’s gravity captured the molecules, and some other theories. This line of thought also thinks that water was a key facture in the formation of the planet all those years ago. The second line of thought tells us that the Earth and the water were created by God during the six days of creation. This line of thought speaks of God speaking into existence the very molecules that make up the present Earth. Whatever view you hold on the formation of water both sides have to agree that water plays an important role in everyday life as we know it. Water has become one of the most important natural resources on the planet. Water resources are vital to the survival of many cultures. In Egypt the Nile River is a body of water that literally waters the fertile planes around the Nile Delta that provides food and growing substance for the countries citizens. In the United States bodies of water have become a necessity as well. People who live on the West coast rely on dams to store water so they have water to drink and use for other purposes. Much of the Colorado River is used in this way. Dams are found all along the river for the purpose of providing the drinking water necessary for the communities and also provide electric power for the same people. Bodies of water are also used for recreation and fun. Many people escape everyday life for vacation purposes and as a way to distress. Water will continue to play an important past in the lives of people for many years to come.