Brands of Bottled Water

Water is the foundation of life for every living and breathing creature, humans included. The intake of water is important to the everyday functions of the circulatory system. In some states, water cannot be consumed from the faucet; it either must be boiled or treated, by adding a pinch of salt. For some individuals it is much easier and less time consuming to purchase brands of bottled water from a variety of sources.For instance, bottled water companies such as Aquafina, and nestle have great tasting water. The water can be purchased in 12, 16, or 32 ounce jugs. These companies and many others such as Crystal, Dasani, and Evian sells only the best in distilled, or purified water. These companies have a reputation of providing customers with the purest water, from around the world. Depending on the bottled water company in question, coming out to the home or place of employment to deliver water is part of the water distribution business.Even though there are literally hundreds of water companies in the world not all of them offer the same brand of water. For instance, some companies will offer only their brand of water, whereas a person can go to their local supermarket and pick up various bottled water brands. These companies will also bring out a a water dispenser, complete with jugs of water. They charge a monthly fee, for this service. They come out every week or once per month and pick up the empty bottles, and bring back the full ones.Mineral water and sparkling water are some of the types of water that most people drink. There are over 80 brands of bottled water sources in the United States alone. These companies sell a massive supply of bottled water brands from many remote locations. Before the water is allowed to be sold at participating retailers it must pass the Food and Drug Administration process. This procedure deems the water to be free from toxins and contaminants, before it is approved for drinking. Even today people can be seen carrying a bottle of water, either while they are walking, jogging or riding a bicycle.