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IntroductionChanges to the earth’s climate have a direct effect on the global hydrological cycle and hence on water. Changes in climate are thought to be responsible for increasing the extremes of flood and drought, both of which, together with other circumstances such as increasing populations and environmental degradation, tend to effect the poor the greatest. One of the most notable causes of climate change is global warming due at least partially to the emission of ‘greenhouse gasses’.Increasing concern is being expressed by NGOs, academics, governments and UN agencies regarding climate change which has led to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. There remains no comprehensive agreement amongst nations on the implementation of the convention or the protocol, however.The effects of climate change on water resourcesTo understand the effects of climate change on water resources, review the following documents:The 1992 Framework Convention on Climate ChangeThe ConventionThe 1997 Kyoto ProtocolLinksUnited Nations Environment ProgramIWMI HomeGlobal Climate Change: Selective List of Online Resources├é┬áThe IWMI World Water and Climate Atlas gives virtually instant summaries of climate data, by month, for any location on the globe. (International Water Management Institute)