Compare Tankless Water Heaters

Many companies make tankless water heaters. In deciding who makes the best tankless water heater, it really depends on what the customer is looking for. Below are some tankless water heater reviews.RinnaiThe copper heat exchanger in their tankless water heater is commercial grade and includes a 12-year limited warranty. Their concentric venting system is different, thereby making it stand alone as an innovative technology. Rinnai has won many awards for their energy efficient tankless water heaters such as the “Super Nova Star Award.” Also, they were chosen as the “Best Tankless Whole-House Water Heater” by With over 30 million sold in the world and over four decades of experience, Rinnai makes some of the best tankless water heaters on the market. They strive to keep the purchase and the vent cost as low as possible.RheemTheir features are made to be very user friendly. With their digital display, the water temperature can easily be set or changed, and monitored. They also have a self diagnostic system that displays different codes if there are maintenance issues. Their designs are a successful attempt to make the use of their tankless water heaters more convenient and less expensive for their customers. Some models can even be installed under the sink, in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Rheem’ tankless water heaters were featured as one of the top 100 green products in the “Building Products Top 100.”TakagiOne of their innovative safety designs is known as the air-fuel safety rod. Also, they can install direct vent model conversions. Takagi can run a vent up to 50 feet, instead of the usual 35 feet while using five elbows instead of three. Some of their tankless water heaters are made in compact sizes and are small enough to even fit between wall studs. Takagi works hard making them as energy efficient as possible. They want to help in the aid of reducing factors that contribute to global warming.There are different models and styles that can be used to compare tankless water heater. With the advancement within this type of technology, many customers will be impressed at what they find.