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Editorial opinion is published occasionally on The Water Page. It represents the independent opinions of the author alone and not the opinions or views of any other person or organization represented on the page. Responses are welcome and will be published if requested.Confusing Cause and Effect – Poverty, Development & the EnvironmentIn the “South” the primary cause of enviromental degradation is poverty and under-development whilst in the “North” it is unsustainable life-styles and over-development. In the south sustainable development and poverty reduction is the key to stopping degradation and restoring the environment, including the construction of well-considered water storage infrastructure. Those in the North who are anti all dams are doing the envirnment no favors.Opinion 7 – January 2003The Problem of TargetsWith an estimated 1.1 billion people with unsafe drinking water and 40% of the human race without safe sanitation, the temptation over the years has been to set targets for the provision of services to the world’s unserved peoples. The World Commission on Dams ReportAfter much hype the WCD Report is out.Opinion 5 – 16 November 2000The right to basic water supply?Can a poor person’s water supply be cut off? South Africa’s water law is tested.Opinion 4 – 7 July 2000The Hopeless Continent?It depends on your perspective – the solution lies within.Opinion 3 -20 June 2000Beyond the BarricadesOpinion 2 – 23 April 2000