Environmental Education: Learn More About Earth Day!

Earth Day is a very special day that is dedicated to raise awareness about concerns to the Earth and the Environment. The United Nations officially named April 22nd as “International Mother Earth day” in 2009. It is meant to inspire people and to motivate them to get involved in the appreciation of mother nature.Earth Day is celebrated across the world and is coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. Earth Day is celebrated in 175 counties each and every year. The holiday usually consists of various campaigns to educate people about the latest trends and concerns in the environment of their own nations and around the world. Earth week is another common celebration of Earth Day and includes an entire week of activities that are centered around environmental issues.What is Earth Day About?The History of Earth DayWhat on Earth is Earth Day?What is Earth Week?Earth day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson and the idea was conceived after a trip to Santa Barbara in response to having seen the environmental impact of an oil spill in 1969. Earth day was originally intended to consist of a number of ‘teach ins’ at University campuses across the US because Senator Nelson felt that the government showed a lack of interest in addressing environmental concerns.He organized the very first Earth Day as an environmental teach-in that was help on April 22, 1970 with the help of Environmental activist Denis Hayes. Denis Hayes was a graduate student at Harvard who quit school to instead organize the Earth Day efforts. New York City Mayor John Lindsay shut down 5th Avenue for Earth Day events. Over 2000 schools and universities held Earth Day activities, and numerous politicians attended Earth Day events, speaking on the importance of addressing environmental concerns making the first Earth Day a huge success.Gaylord Nelson, and the Founding of Earth DayThe Founder of Earth DayThe Oil Spill Heard Around The CountryHow the First Earth Day Came AboutThe First Earth DayMr. Earth Day Gets Ready to RumbleThe Earth Day Story and Gaylord NelsonMeet Gaylord Nelson, found of Earth DayGiving Earth Day a Helping HandAbout Earth DaySince Earth Day 1970, the holiday has experienced massive growth and is one of the most widely celebrated secular holidays. Today 135 countries officially observe Earth Day, and many more have non-sanctioned Earth Day events. Kids & Teachers around the world celebrate our planet’s environment, and ways to keep it healthy.In America in 1990 people got together to reignite interest in Earth Day. For some years Earth Day had been less popular, and less people were celebrating it. The Earth Day 20 foundation was formed to get more people involved in Earth Day 1990. Events like the Earth Day Climb, with climbers on Mount Everest, also helped to renew interest in Earth Day activities. Celebrities like Chuck Barry attended and promoted the event as well.Earth Day Since 1970Earth Day TimelineEarth Day is celebrated in a variety of ways. In schools it is common to have fun activities and games related to the environment. Nature Walks, and trips to local parks are great ways to celebrate Earth Day. Many schools honor Earth day by adding natural elements to their school yard either by planting trees or building a pond. It’s also a day for kids to learn more about Earth, and the plants and animals that make life possible. Drawings of Earth, and various habitats are a great way to learn more about the Earth as Well!Ways to Celebrate Earth DayCelebrate Earth Day!6 Ways to Celebrate Earth DayEarth Day: A Day to Celebrate EarthHow to Celebrate Earth DayThere’s a variety of ways teachers can help kids learn about the Earth and the Environment from outdoor class activities to lesson and web quests indoors. There are also a ton of kid friendly web sites that can help kids celebrate Earth Day. Some of these highlight important issues for kids to know. Others provide interactive games and quizzes about the Environment. Kids and teachers can use the following sites to make Earth Day interesting and Fun.For Teachers:Earth Day ProjectsEarth Day Class GuidesEarth Day CraftsGet Involved – Lessons for Earth DayActivities & Lesson Plans for Earth DayCurriculum for Waste EducationAn Earth Day Scavenger HuntA Web Quest for Earth DayNEA’s Earth Day Web QuestSeveral Web Quests For Teachers To Use on Earth DayEarth Day: Let’s Save Our PlanetEarth Day: Environmental LearningCelebrate Earth DayEarth DayEarth Day Teacher ResourcesFor Students:Earth Day Activities for KidsEarth Day Games & MoreEnergy Star Kids, Games and Interactive LessonsNasa’s Earth interactive LessonEarth Interactive Coloring BookEcoKids: Fun Eco-friendly Games & MoreTime For Kids Earth ActivitiesEarth Day Games from Planet PalsFun Stuff for Earth DayEarth Day Coloring BooksThe Earth Day Coloring PageEarth MattersScholastic Save the PlanetOther Environmental Links for Kids:NRDC Reference/Links for KidsEPA Students National Geographic KidsKids R GreenRecycle CityKids for a Clean EnvironmentKids for Saving EarthOllie’s WorldDITC Environmental Education FoundationAMNH OlogyThe GreensEnergy KidsPBS Kids Eek WorldRainforest Heroes