Filtered Water is Pure Water

Water filtration systems are an important part of our daily lifestyle. There were times in our history that finding water was just a matter of digging down to the water table and tapping into the existing flow of water. Sometimes the water was sweet and tasted really good. Other times the water was just wet and would do in a pinch. Water will always have a taste to it because of the underground geology of the area. The sandstone water was always the best water to get as it had already been through nature’s water filtration system and arrived at the pump pure and sweet.As our nation began expanding the need for water, regulations were established concerning the quality of the water considered fit to drink and not be dangerous to the citizens. As more was learned about what could be dangerous to humans, various chemicals were developed to treat the water available in a given area. River sand was one of the first water filtration agents. Water was simply recycled through the sand trap to strain out impurities before the water was consumed. It was soon discovered that charcoal was an excellent water filter and it found its way into water treatment plants as the cities grew. Chemical oxidants such as chlorine, were added to the water to make it taste good. In the larger water treatment plants one will find sediment tanks where the water is allowed to rest for several hours so that sediments can settle out.In our houses today, we can have our own water filter system. This can be the simple inline water filter system that comes with the new refrigerators or it could be small systems that are mounted under the sink. For the houses that one would find in the country or on the farms a more elaborate water filtration system might be needed. Whole house water filtration systems are used to make sure that the water coming into the farm home is as safe as possible. These systems take out the sediments and rust which might be present in the well water of the farm.