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 Antimicrobial Resistance Information BankBuruli UlcerEradication/Elimination ProgrammesFilariasisInfectious DiseasesInternational Travel and HealthIntestinal parasitesLeprosyMalariaNewsletter (Action Against Infection)OutbreaksPoliomyelitisRabies network (RABNET)Report on infectious diseasesSalmonella surveillance networkSurveillance and responseTropical disease researchTuberculosisWeekly epidemiological recordHome Page of the Minister of Water Affairs & Forestry, South AfricaHome Page of the Department of Water Affairs and ForestryThe Contact Trust is a not-for-profit independent organisation that aims to contribute towards the development of a culture of participatory democracy in South Africa. Contact’s focus is on natural resource policy and legislation.The World BankUNDP – United Nations Development ProgrammeInternational Association for Environmental HydrologyGESI Global Environmental Sanitation InitiativeDelft Hydraulics’ Home PageThe US Geological Survey has recently released its latest education-based web site called “Water Science for Schools.” The site is available for students aged 9-90 and for anyone who want to find out more about the many aspects of water, from what it is to how we use it.Glossary of Water Resource TermsA Practical Handbook of Uses for Water Hyacinth from Across the WorldWater hyacinth is seen as a destructive menace, but a new book describes how it can be controlled and utilised with positive results for the environment and local communities.United States Geological Survey Home PageU.S. Water News Homepage