Hot Water Heater Troubleshooting: Water Heating Repair and Parts

When your hot water heater fails, it is important to find and repair the problem. Getting back into a hot shower quickly and economically requires good troubleshooting. Hot water heater troubleshooting for an electric hot water heater begins with identifying the specific issues, then finding the cause to make your hot water heater repair. Some common issues are detailed below:1) No hot water is produced: You may have a non-functional thermostat or upper heating element. Check to ensure power is getting to the unit by checking the breaker box. If the breaker is tripped, flip it on and wait 20-30 minutes. If the water is still not hot, use a volt meter to check your thermostat. If it reads 240V then your thermostat is fine, and you need to replace the upper heating element. If not, then you need to replace the thermostat. Replacement water heater parts can be found at your local farm & garden, hardware or home improvement store.2) Hot water runs out too quickly: Review the tank capacity, and if you have recently installed a dish washer or had a child, then you may need a higher capacity water heater. Common problems include sediment build up in the tank or a faulty lower element. Turn off the water, then drain the heater completely. If there is a lot of sediment, it is possible that it damaged the lower heating element. If the water is still not staying hot enough long enough, replace the lower heating element. Another issue could be a failing thermostat, which can be determined by testing the voltage as mentioned above.3) Water takes too long to reheat: Check the temperature setting of your water heater. If it is low, raising it can alleviate this issue, though setting it too hot can lead to scalding or burns. As above, the issue may be too much sediment build up in the tank or a faulty lower heating element. Follow the steps outlined in problem 2 to do this water heater repair.