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Useful and well researched articles for further reading on these matters are: “Green Cross works to prevent conflicts in water-stressed regions. We promote informed and participatory decision-making, regional cooperation and the integrated management of land and water resources at the basin level. Green Cross contributes to the prevention and resolution of actual and potential conflicts by convening people representing all sectors of affected communities to shape solutions together.”Murray-Darling Initiative”The Murray-Darling Basin Initiative is the partnership between the governments and the community which has been established to give effect to the 1992 Murray-Darling Basin Agreement. The purpose of the Agreement (Clause 1) is ‘to promote and co-ordinate effective planning and management for the equitable, efficient and sustainable use of the water, land and other environmental resources of the Murray-Darling Basin’. The Initiative is the largest integrated catchment management program in the world, covering the watersheds of the Murray and Darling rivers, an area of over one million square kilometres.”