Water Coolers & Water Dispensers

A water cooler or water cooler dispenser is used to dispense water. In a business setting the water cooler might be referred to as a water fountain. These dispensers are placed in office buildings for various reasons, one reason being a safety issue. When water is left in open containers it has a tendency to go stale, or collect micro germs. It also attracts mosquitoes. When the water is place in a safe place and is constantly going through a system of purification that let us know the water is free of toxins. Water coolers keep water cold in the hot and dry months. This is important for the safety of everyone who drinks from the dispenser.These water dispensers are located throughout various parts of a building. Hospitals will have one or more on every floor, and including in every break room. They also keep them near patients room to encourage daily water consumption. Another place these water coolers are found are in schools. They can be found on every hall, including the cafeteria, the teachers’ lounge, and in the gym room. The portable ones are carried out on the field before, during, and after a game. The water cooler plays a vital part in the production of work, at home, at work, and particularly at school. Colleges and universities also have water dispensers throughout their buildings as well.Many homes have at least one water dispenser. Home owners, who do not have a purifier system attached to their indoor water fountain, find that having this cooler in the home promotes more water drinking. This is especially true among children. They are constantly on the move, running, playing, and jumping. These dispensers are relatively inexpensive to rent or buy. They can be purchased at participating stores, or from water distribution companies. If rented the monthly rental amount is very cheap. There may or may not be a need for a contract. This will ultimately depend on the discretion of the company. Portable dispensers can be purchased for a few dollars and are usually seen at daycare centers, and home offices.