Water Facts – Water Features, Properties of Water

Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources. Every living creature on earth depends on it for life. The properties of water are made up of one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen atoms. These atoms are held together by covalent bonds. Water is one of the few substances that can exist as a solid (ice), gas (vapor), and liquid (water). It is found in every part of the world from the North to the South poles. The earth surface is covered with 70.9 percent of the substance. Water is found above ground and even below ground in the water tables. Some water facts that some people do not realize is that the water on earth moves in a cycle pattern. The water moves around in currents through the oceans and helps regulate the temperatures of the deep. Water also goes through an evaporation cycle and rains back to earth to help purify the substance and also help water all the plant life that truly depends on water for life. Water features a unique quality that most other liquids are not truly able to handle, that is water has a satisfying nature to it. Whenever a person gets really thirsty from playing or working the first thing a person wants to a big cool glass of water. Pop and coffee all have their place, but water is the only source of satisfaction. Water also is in abundant and scarce quantities. For instance in the desert only a few inches of water falls per year, in these areas water is highly sought after. In other areas like the jungle, water fall’s all the time. Life flourishes in well watered areas of the world. Even where water is abundant there can also be shortages. In large cities water is always in high demand. Companies require it for production and home owners need water to cook food and water lawns. In some cases water has led to legal debates and court cases. People talk about water rights and who should control the outflow and distribution of it. Over the past few years companies have learned to bottle the water which makes it even easier to distribute to thirsty people and those in a disaster zone.