Water Safety Resource Guide

One of the most popular activities of the summertime involves the enjoyment of the water. Whether it be the family backyard pool, lake or the ocean, people have enjoyed the water for centuries. People have enjoyed the water by swimming, boating, fishing, jet skiing, water skiing and countless other ways. However, even with the pleasure that people get with the water, comes the need to use caution.The water can be a dangerous place for adults and kids. When people ride in boats it is important to exhibit proper safety measures such as not standing near the edge of the boat, having a floatation device for every person on the boat and for being considerate of other boaters. Swimming safety is also important to consider. Swimmers need to know where they are swimming and if it is beyond their capabilities. Also, if swimming in a pool or beach it is important that a lifeguard be on duty. And, it is a good idea for people who are around water to know the basics of first aid. This information may be the difference between saving a person’s life or not.Enjoy the water, either through swimming, boating or other activity. However, please be safe. For more information on water safety, we have put together this list of resources:Swimming SafetyBoating SafetyWater First AidWater Safety for Kids