Water Softener Reviews: Best Water Softeners Comparison

Water softeners usually treat hard water by removing the calcium, magnesium and other ions and replacing them with sodium—but there are other methods. Water softener reviews can help you determine the best water softener for you. Please keep in mind that most water softeners often require professional installation. Water softeners comparison should also take into account the level of “hardness” of your water. The best way to determine your “hardness level” is to go through an independent lab.Averaging at about $500, the nuvoH2O Studio Salt-Free Water Softener System uses no salt, magnets, or electricity and promises “no waste water.” Its compact design makes it great for places that a standard-sized water softener can’t fit, such as an apartment or RV. It doesn’t require constant maintenance, only replacing a cartridge every few months. It is designed for homes with 1,000 square feet or less.The Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Conditioner/Anti-Scale promises to be the most environmentally friendly of all water softeners. It doesn’t use salt or electricity and wastes no water for “backwashing” like most systems and it leaves the healthy minerals in the water. It also promises to remove any build-up you may already be experiencing.The Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System is one of the cheaper units available. You can find them online for around $150. They are electric as the name implies, so they don’t use any salt and require virtually no maintenance. The instalation is very simple and you don’t ever have to replace any cartridges. It may take a few weeks to two months to see all the benefits that this softener provides, but it is well worth it. There are a few things that you shouldconsider when looking for a water softener. You need to determine the hardness of your water. Then you need to consider what household water needs to be softened. An outside spigot, for example, doesn’t need to be softened; whereas a kitchen sink of shower head needs softened water the most.