Water Sports: Fly Fishing Resources

There are many different types of fishing techniques that sportsmen can use to land “the big oneâ€. The popular fly fishing method requires the use of an artificial fly, typically made from bits of feathers, fur and synthetic elements to resemble insects, and a specialized weighted line. The fly is then cast with the use of a reel and a fly rod. Fly fishing can be done in both freshwater and saltwater, depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. Some of the popular species of fish that are typically caught using fly fishing include trout, salmon, bass, and pike, just to name a few. Saltwater marine life, including tuna and marlin, can also be caught using this method. Using the correct lure, the fishing possibilities are endless; it is all about using the right equipment, in the right location, at the right time.The fly line that is used with fly fishing is typically coated with a thin plastic material, this is designed to be heavy enough to guide the line to the target area when casting; the fly’s weight helps to give the hook distance and the weight of the sinker gives the cast distance in the other types of fishing. The following is a collection of resources and information for sportsmen interested in learning more about fly fishing and can be used to get a better understanding and appreciation for the sport. Getting involved in a fly fishing group is also a great opportunity for fishermen who are interested in getting more involved with the sport.Basic Information on Fly Fishing.This is the official website for the Federation of Fly Fishers organization. Users will find general information on fly fishing, as well as information on becoming an instructor and conservation.This seven-page PDF document provides the reader with a list of basic resources related to fly fishing. The document also includes a checklist, of the equipment used in fly fishing. Make sure you are prepared prior to going on a fly fishing trip.Westfly Fly FishingThis website provides users with information on fly fishing and fly fishing resources in four different states: Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon.HistoryA Fly Fishing HistoryRead about information on fly fishing that occurred between the years of 1800 and 1850.American Museum of Fly FishingNavigate through the official website for the American Museum of Fly Fishing to find more information on the history of fly fishing.The History of Fly FishingLearn about the origins of fly fishing and its traditional purpose. This page also briefly discusses who designed and developed the fly reel.Fly FishingThis particular website discusses the history of fly fishing as a sport and as an art form. Find out information on the type of equipment that is used as well.Fly Fishing HistoryThis page provides you with an in-depth look at the history of fly fishing. There is also information on the types of tools that were used in the past as equipment for fly fishing.History of Fly FishingRead about the history of fly fishing as a sport. This site also provides you with more information on float fishing, spin casting and ice fishing.Methods and TechniquesAlternative Fishing MethodsThis page provides you with a list of links to more information on the various fishing methods.Fly Fishing TechniquesThis website provides you with an extensive insight to the various fly fishing techniques. Some of the techniques include nymph fishing and tight line nymphing.Fly Fishing CentralRead more about the various fly fishing techniques from this one-stop source for fly fishing information. This information is split into categories that include stillwater, rivers and science.Fly Fishing on the Connecticut RiverThis page discusses a variety of fishing methods and techniques you can use. Some of them include nymphing, high sticking, dry fly fishing and streamer fishing.NymphingLearn more and read about nymphing as one of the methods you can use to fly fish. This article discusses techniques and methods in depth.Organizations and ProgramsBadger Fly FishersBadger Fly Fishers is a nonprofit organization organized in the late 1980s as a part of the Federation of Fly Fishers organization. This organization is no longer a 100-percent FFF membership club.Joey’s Fly Fishing FoundationThis organization was founded in 2007 as a way to teach youth a variety of life skills and concepts through mentored and monitored fly fishing. Some of the concepts that are taught include respect, confidence, relationships and patience.Casting for RecoveryCasting for Recovery is a fly fishing organization that was founded in Manchester, Vermont in 1996. This organization is a breast cancer support group that uses fly fishing as a way to help sufferers heal on a physical and mental level.Project Healing WatersProject Healing Waters is an organization that was put together in 2005 as a way to help rehabilitate disabled veterans on a physical and emotional level through fly fishing.Reel RecoveryReel Recovery is an organization that uses fly fishing retreats as a way to help men who are battling cancer.American Fly Fishing Trade AssociationThe American Fly Fishing Trade Association is the only trade organization in the entire fly fishing industry.