What Do I Do With Water Damage? All About Cleaning Water Damage

The answer to the question “what do I do with water damage?” is that it depends on how much damage has occurred and what is causing the damage. In some cases, water damage can be fixed without the aid of a professional. In other cases you are better off hiring a professional do to the work. If water damage is discovered in your house, the first step is to assess the cause. If the water damage has been caused by rain or pipe damage, then it’s possible to repair the damage without a professional, but with the right tools and materials. However, if the water damage is caused by sewer problems or an overflowing septic tank, then a professional water cleaning company should be consulted. To clean and fix water damage without professional help can be difficult, but not impossible. Once leaking pipes or other sources of the problem have been fixed, start by drying out the room. It is advisable to turn the power off if electrical sockets have gotten wet. Open the windows, run a dehumidifier and use rags to dry up the water. If ceiling tiles or drywall have gotten wet and started growing mold, these will need to be replaced, as mold growth is toxic and can be harmful for the health. If cloth furniture has gotten wet, dry it out but also mist it with an antibacterial spray. This prevents harmful mold growth. Repairing wood furniture that has been damaged by water is a lot tougher. Allow it to dry out and then wipe the furniture with a mixture of water and ammonia. Once this mixture has been dried from the furniture, use steel wool to gently remove stubborn water marks. The furniture can then be polished. Water damage is not something that should be taken lightly. Along with cleaning water damage that was caused, it is important to ensure that the initial cause is repaired. Preventing this from happening again, and preventing harmful mold growth in the house are priorities.