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Perhaps one of the most important issues for Africa for a long time.
The Commission for Africa launches its report.

The Water Poverty Index (WPI) captures the characteristics that link water and poverty. It has been developed in consultation with water researchers, practitioners and stakeholders. – CEH Wallingford

Poverty and water supply and sanitation

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International weekly newsletter on water issues published by IRC

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Netherlands Water Partnership

GARNET – Global Applied Research Network

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How much water does it take to make beer?
HR Wallingford, with funding from the British Government (DFID), publishes a Handbook for the Assessment of Catchment Water Demand and Use

Faith, Development and Poverty – Reflections – Article 1
Exploring the meaning of things and the role of faith and faith communities in development

Water Resources Management
30 different themes – 247 references: Making it easier to find information on the Web

Confusing Cause and Effect
Poverty, Development & the Environment: The threat to the environment in the North is excess and in the South is poverty, therefore the solutions are different – development is the only chance to restore the balance in the South.