All Water Fountains – Find Indoor & Outdoor Water Fountains

On hot days and after working all day what is the one thing that people look for? A water fountain. Water fountains have the ability to satisfy, amuse, and decorate. A fountain comes from the Latin language and simply means a source or spring. Water fountains are tanks that dispense water into a sink or a stream for people to drink or for people to enjoy. Fountains have been around for a long time. Fountains were found to associate with springs and aqueducts. Usually they were used to gather water for people in the past to drink, cook, and even bath in. Fountains were powered by gravity and needed to essentially run down hill for people to be able to use them. Within the past 100 years fountains have become to be powered by electricity or battery power. With the discovery of electric power fountain design and function have taken on a new meaning. Fountains can now be found everywhere from city parks to school gyms. Outdoor water fountains have become an icon for many communities. At the heart of many city parks are found a massive water fountain. People of all ages have sat on the side of the fountain on a hot day and cooled their feet. Water fountains have also taken on decorative designs. Many times a statue of a person or an animal object is found at the center of the fountain. With the invention of the water pump, water can now be pumped through the fountain to produce a steam of water or develop a waterfall effect for people to enjoy. Water fountains have also found their way indoors. School gyms have placed them around the gym floor for thirsty kids to use after a hard day of play. Major corporations have taken the liberty to place drinking fountains and water coolers around for employees to use while working. Sometimes in the front of a major building a potential visitor will enter the door and find a massive indoor water fountain that has become a status symbol for businesses today.