Bottled Water vs Tap Water

Here are some of the factors to consider when talking about drinking water: finances, health and convenience. These are all important factors. Naturally, it’s an important topic then. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Some may take some factors into more consideration than others when making the decision.First off, when considering finances, you have to understand that bottled water does have a distinct consistent cost. You’re not drinking juice, soda, or even Kool-Aid. You’re simply drinking “water.” That’s it! Only you’re paying out of pocket for it. Now, when you have an income that allows for the expense of supplying in bulk bottled water, that might not be an issue—especially when you get into the topic of health issues (which we’ll get into next).And so getting into the concept of health, what do you think? Bottled water or tap water? It’s an interesting thought process given that the reality is some brands of bottle water are actually not that much different than tap water. However, know that some research has shown that tap water has evidence of contaminants such as natural hormone disrupters that could set off an imbalance in the human body, resulting in some cancers, such as breast cancer. Fluoride content is also a big issue when it comes to tap water. Other such unhealthy minerals like an unusual amount of mercury, even iron, can have adverse side effects.Don’t stop there, though; let’s get into it with tap water: complete, easy convenience. The fact is you can save money and get as much as you want from the tap, no need to hit the grocery stores or any of that. Moreover, these days you have water purifiers that instantly cleanse your tap water for your family—without having to pay any extra money every time. Just a price for the purifier and a good water jug, and you’re good.With the pros and cons the decision between bottled and tap water is yours to make. So what do you think? Which one wins: bottled water vs tap water? You decide.