Drinking Water – The Benefits of Drinking Water

The benefits of drinking water proves to be benefical for the survival and maintenance of the human body. water is the foundation of survival for all life forms, whether it is human life, plant life, or animal life drinking water is essential. The body weight is about 75 percent of water. Drinking water on a daily basis ensures that the body will function normally at all times. As long as every cell and organ gets their proper amount of water they have a high survival rate. The many benefits of drinking water can be appreciated when the kidney eliminates waste products in the form of liquids. This means that a kidney machine or dialysis is not needed. Water helps the body to stay pure and healthy. Most importantly it helps keep the body free from infections. Water flushes out germs by carrying them through the blood stream and eliminating them. Without water the body cannot proper normally. When water is consumed in adequate amounts the skin looks healthy, urine is not yellowish, and the body experience less aches and pains. The intake of water keeps the nutrients flowing through all the vital parts in the body. Water helps the body keep toxins out of the body. If these germs are not flushed out of the body thaty can effect the vital organs of the human body, and cause the body to shut down or become very ill. The body can also overheat and become dehydrated. This can be very dangerous. High body temperatures can cause the body to experience seizures or convulsions. Water needs to be consumed on a regular basis because the body is constantly eliminating water through natural means. The body loses water during bodily excretion, rather it be by urination or bowel movement. The lack of water causes the stomach acids to cease in their reproduction of gastric acids that are needed to digest foods. Water plays a vital part in the health of the human circulatory system. Each organ has a job to do, and without the proper intake of water, the job cannot be done.