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 Organisations American Network on ecological sanitation NGO – ecological sanitation in Mexico, Boston based NGO working in C AmericaEcological sanitation in Ethiopia, Swedish NGO V – Sida course on ecological sanitation on ecosan Ecological Engineering Society closed loop approach to eliminate wasteCity farmer, Int.NGO on urban agriculture Secretariat for Water, Int. NGO Trust, South African NGOEcological Sanitation publications/articles in Urban Ag. Magazine on “Closing the Loop” about ecosan in MexicoCase studies from Mexico and Zimbabwe.Sanitation and Waste in Developing CountriesSanitation Connection, int. networkGESI Global Environmental Sanitation InitiativeWater and Sanitation Program (UNDP-WB)Recycling of sludge and solid waterMainly solid waste recyclingSchool sanitation and hygiene Resource Centres ITN Eastern Africa The PhilippinesITN South AmericaComposting Toilets on the Market