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Fresh drinking water is a necessity for optimal health. Not only does fresh drinking water taste better, it’s safer, as well. Contaminated water causes countless deaths throughout the world in countries where sanitized water is not an option. Unfortunately, sanitized water isn’t always healthy either, as harsh chemicals are used to clean up the liquid. Fortunately, carbon water filters not only improve the taste of drinking water, but can also make it safer to consume.Carbon water filters are designed using carbon as the primary filtering agent. The carbon in many cases is solid and the water runs through it and is purified. This filtering process removes bad taste and, more importantly, dangerous contaminants that compromise human health. Some of the key contaminants removed by filtering water over solid carbon water filters are:So, how do you protect you and your family from these dangerous contaminants and chemicals in your drinking water? Filter it. Sure, your city and/or county properly sanitized your drinking water. The problem is it’s the chemicals they use that can cause some of the danger. If you live in an old house with lead piping, you’re subject to lead poisoning. What about well water? It all needs to be carbon filtered to protect you from serious health problems. Here’s how carbon filtering works:Electronic molecular charges are the name of the game in carbon water filtering. As the water enters the filter, it passes through the first stage of the filter that is made of refined cotton. This causes the water to attain a positive molecular charge. Colloidal and bacterial contaminants exude a negative charge, and the first phase of the water filter absorbs these contaminants as they pass through.Next, the water flows through the actual carbon. This is a tightly packed carbon block of activated carbons and polyethylenes. These dandy little substances remove the dangerous stuff, such as microscopic organisms, the cancer-causing asbestos, turbidity, and any additional particulate matter too big to pass through. The carbon also changes the molecular structure of the chlorine, lead, VOCs, and pesticides that have seeped into your drinking water. The carbon filtering is not only key to cleansing the water for that fresh, crisp taste, but it is also key in removing some of the most dangerous things found in drinking water.The final step in carbon water filtering is the pharmaceutical grade post filter. This filter actually protects the previous portions of the filter. The pharmaceutical grade post filter seals the carbon block to make sure it stays intact and in its place between filter and the housing. This protects the carbon and extends the life of your carbon water filter, giving you fresh drinking water much longer than when using other water filters.For more information on the benefits of carbon water filtering, please see the following links: