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HomePersonal information:Education:Professional Affiliation:Contact info:Professional career:Leadership roles and responsibilities:1976 Student Representative Council, University of Natal, Durban 1988-1992 World Alliance of YMCA Task Force Against Apartheid 1987-1993 Founder and Executive Director of the Rural Advice Centre 1989-1991 National Executive of SA Council of YMCA 1990 Director, World Alliance of YMCA Professional Training Institute, Geneva Switzerland, August – September 1990. 1990 Founder and a Director of the Rural Finance Facility which addresses credit for rural development. 1991- 1993 Convenor of NARDSO – National Association of Rural Development Service Organisations. Chairperson of Steering Committee. 1992 National Development Forum (NDF) Rural sector representative at national land negotiations with the South African Government. 1992 ANC rural representative in bi-lateral discussions between ANC and the IDT. 1992 Founded the South African Rural Development Support Programme as a Section 501 C(3) non profit organisation in the United States. This is a wholly US organisation to which I act as an advisor. 1992 – 1994 Vice Chairperson of the national Standing Committee on Water Supply & Sanitation. June 1992 Convenor and Chairperson of the Water Supply Task Force of the National Consultative Forum on Drought. Aug.-Dec. 1992 Manager of the National Consultative Forum on Drought on secondment from the Rural Advice Centre. Jan. 1993 Concept design and founder director of SADRA – Southern African Disaster Relief Agency as a non profit relief organisation. June-Aug. 1993 External Expert for the review of the Civil Engineering Department, University of the Witwatersrand. June 1993 One of 4 SA representatives to World Bank Southern African Consultation on National Water Resources, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Nov. 93 – July 95 Trustee on Environmental and Development (EDA) Trust March 1995 Resource person, UNICEF Strategic Planning Consultation, the Hague. October 95 Delegate sponsored by UNICEF to 3rd Global Forum of the Water and Sanitation Collaborative Council meetings, Barbados Member of the Africa Working Group of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council November 1995 to present President, SA National Council of YMCAs, 1996 to 1999Member of Special Cabinet Task Team to draft national Drought Management Policy established by the Minister of Agriculture, South Africa – November 1996 to January 1998. Member of a 10 person team of International Experts assembled by the United Nations to advise the People’s Republic of China on Water Sector Reforms – Nanjing, China – April 1997 Member of a four person Evaluation Team of the Global Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council – November 1997 – July 1998. Team leader of an FAO sponsored Ministerial Study Tour on International River Management of ministers from the Nile basin – May 1998 October 1999 Founder of Water Policy International Ltd Attended Trans-boundary Rivers Round Table – Berlin as invited contributor July 2000 Member of Advocacy Advisory Panel of WaterAid, UK, from August 2000I have been an invited speaker at numerous conferences on the issues of water policy development, water supply in development, the role of NGOs and community participation, in South Africa, the United States, Thailand and Switzerland at the request of the United Nations and various foundations.Appropriate low cost sand filtration technology for rural households, Masters Degree Thesis, 1988 Numerous papers on rural development and the role of NGOs, 1988 to 1993 White Paper on Water Supply and Sanitation Policy, DWAF, 1994 “You and your water rights” document on the existing Water Act and its need for revision, DWAF, 1995 Presentation on Water Policy at International Environmental Conference, Cape Town, World Bank, 1995 Fundamental Principles and Objectives for a new water law in South Africa, DWAF, 1996 Government Water Law Principles Discussion Document, DWAF, 1996 Report on Local Government Support in the water sector, DWAF, 1996 Report on Water Law Review public participation. DWAF, 1996 Various Government Policy Statements on Institutional interaction between DWAF and Local Government. DWAF, 1996 Policy Development in the Water Sector – the South African Experience, Cranfield International Policy Conference, 1996 Concept paper on Programmatic approach to capacity building and training. DWAF, 1996 Africa Sector Review report, United Nations Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, 1996 Capacity Building for water supply and sanitation development at local level The Threshold Concept – A paper delivered at the 2nd UNDP Symposium on Water Sector Capacity Building Delft, Netherlands, 4 – 6 December 1996 Parliamentary White Paper for DWAF Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Programme – April 1997 Report on Nile Basin International Water Policy Workshop, Cape Town- FAO, July 1997National Sustainability Management Guidelines for rural water supply for DWAF – December 1997Report on Nile Basin Ministerial Study Tour to Southern Africa – FAO, July 1998 Near East Water Policy Synopsis – FAO, September 1998Plain language guidelines to the Water Services Act for local government, DWAF South Africa, – September 1998Plain language guidelines to the National Water Act, DWAF South Africa, May 1999The use of the Internet in the Water Sector in Africa, African Water Policy Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, June 1999.”Poverty and water supply and sanitation services”, Regional Workshop on Financing Community Water Supply and Sanitation White River, South Africa, November 1999″Governance support”, Invited Speaker, International SymposiumWater-Education-Training (WET), IHE-Delft, The Netherlands, 28-30 November 2001Engagement in the day-to-day work of the Ministry, including the parliamentary functions of the Ministry and engagement in the policy making processes of the Department and the broader government. (infrastructure, RDP, ANC etc.), Engagement in the transformation and restructuring process of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry . Author and Producer of the White Paper on Water Supply and Sanitation Policy, Author and Producer of the “You and your water rights” document on the existing Water Act and its need for revision, Assisted in the production of the Forestry Policy Green Paper, Organised and ran the National Water Sector Training Workshop, Pretoria, August 1994, Initiated the establishment of the National Sanitation Task Team, which is a multi-departmental team established to create and implement a national sanitation policy. Author of the conceptual documentation for the National Conservation Campaign and Chair of the Campaign Steering Committee, Initiated the feasibility study into the establishment of a National Water Sector Training Board, Initiated the study into the Human Resource crisis in the engineering industry in the water sector, Guided the drafting of the Regulations for the establishment of Statutory Local Water Committees. Author of the Guidelines to the Statutory Local Water Committees regulations – a plain English document for use by communities. Designed and established the Ministerial Internet Page. Member of the committee investigating the legislative framework for the engagement of the private sector in local government water provision, Member of the Departmental Transition Management Committee, Member of the Water Law Review Panel charged with the responsibility to draft the principles on which a new National Water Act is to be based, Chair of the South African Water Research Review Steering Committee, Chair of the drafting committee of the Forestry White Paper. Chair of the establishing task team of the National Community Water Supply Training Institute. Author of numerous Ministerial speeches and other documents.