Repairing Water Damaged Wood & Repairing Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

Water is the worst enemy a floor can know. Over time water that has been left on an unprotected surface is sure to show damage and destruction over time. If the floor is a hardwood floor then water damage can be devastating. Repairing water damaged hardwood floors is a lengthy process but can be done. The first thing to do when repairing water damage to hardwood floors is to make sure all of the water and moisture is gone. If there is wetness on the floor anything you do to the floor will be worthless because the water will continue to seep in and damage the wood. Dry out the floor by maximizing airflow over the wet and damaged area. Next, you will need to determine how bad the damage really is. If there are large gaps in the floor or the boards have begun to warp and bend upwards then you may need to remove the affected areas and replace the bad parts. If the boards need to be replaced you will have to cut out the bad parts and re-cut new boards and put them into place. If the boards do not need to be replaced, then it is just a matter of sand the boards smooth to remove any discoloration and bowing from the water. Once the boards are back to normal it will be necessary to clean up all the dirt and dust before the staining process can begin. The boards may need to be stained two or three times to get the desired look and color. The big thing to remember is to make sure each coat of stain is dry before the next coat can go on. Usually 24 hours is needed between coats. Once the desired stain look is achieved coat the spot with a sealer to finish the job. A sealer protects the wood from the wear and tear of everyday traffic. The sealer gives the floor its shine and luster. Before walking on the floor, make sure that the floor is dry. To tell if the sealer is dry touch the floor with your finger, if the floor is sticky then it is not dry wait up to 24 hours before walking on it.