Solar Hot Water and Heating: Solar Water Heater, Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water and heating systems are also abbreviated as SWH. They are made up of a variety of different innovative technologies that have been used in a wide variety of other countries for a long period of time. Solar hot water heaters are generally designed to work with the assistance of solar power, but during winter months this can serve as a problem. Therefore things like gas and electric boosters are used in order to help to heat the water. Solar water heaters can be broken up into two major different types of solar hot water systems. The first major system is a passive system in which special heat pipes are used to get the water flowing through the entire system. Two types of common heating systems that are also passive systems are Integrated Collector Storage (ICS) and the Convention Heat Storage systems. The Convention Heat Storage system is often seen as the better Solar hot water heater because it can be used in areas that have less sunshine and is by far more efficient than the Integrated Collector Storage system. The ICS is commonly seen as the more affordable alternative, but is known to only work well in locations that have a moderate climate. The second type solar hot water heaters are active systems. Unlike passive systems, active systems use the help of a pump to get water moving from the collector and the storage tank. Active solar water heaters are known for being able to hold up to high temperatures therefore they can be very expensive. Pump controllers on the system prevent the solar heaters from overheating. Active systems are overall more efficient than passive systems but can be more complex. The installation of active systems is longer than that associated with passive systems. Whether you have decided to install a passive or an active system they both need to be maintained. Maintaining your system will help to keep it functioning properly. A solar contractor will usually perform a periodic maintenance every couple of years.