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Sept 200351,576834,927Largest number of requestsWeb statistics provide a useful independent measure of traffic on a site. Statistics are recorded on the site by the server in great detail. Provided here are is a summary of statistics.Different servers provide different services. This has resulted in discontinuities in the data. The African Water Page was originally established and run on the SANGONet system in Johannesburg, South Africa in December 1996 but moved to U-Net in the United Kingdom in May 2000. As a result of these changes a continuous record has not been possible. SANGONet began providing statistics at the beginning of March 1999. Statistics are provided on a continuous basis and grouped into weekly batches.Summary MonthPagesRequestsNotes Dec ’96 – Feb ’99Not availableNot available No Statistics available from the serverMar 19995218Not availableBeginning of recorded statsApr 19994450Not availableMay 19994234Not availableJun 19994444Not availableJul 19994035Not availableAug 19993895Not availableSep 19994318Not availableOct 19994997Not availableNov 19994921Not availableDec 19993131Not availableJan 20003413Not availableFeb 20004298Not availableMar 20006901Not availableApr 20005923Not availableMay 2000788239,769 Site transferred to UK Jun 2000513129,170Jul 2000546626,169Aug 2000736134,329Sep 2000*714035,521*18-25 September 2000 figures extrapolatedOct 2000888948,081Nov 2000886147,856Dec 2000696233,796Jan 2001842846,867Feb 200110,94663,564The Water Page live – 1 February 2001Mar 200123,507171,916The Water Page launched 1 March 2001April 200119,503140,973May 200117,045129,354June 200113,23997,235July 200116,295208,969 Aug 2001 13,997 152,239 Sept 200111,842153,148Oct 200125,686299,760Nov 200126,079300,661Dec 2001 21,687204,421Jan 200227,427249,544Feb 200226,412255,655March 200227,680 300,034April 200228,981309,553May 200228,996287,372June 200221,320 212,061July 200222,087201,707August 200227,698319,551Sept 200235,981579,150Oct 200240,197669,672Nov 2002 37,036 633,910Dec 200227,363440,773Jan 200336,34783,256Feb 200337,609680,805March 200342,774710,989April 200346,832752,841May 200347,055765,620June 200341,150682,015July 200342,428605,860Aug 200334,321528,180Sept 200351,576834,927Largest number of requests