The Best Home Water Filter Systems

Clean water is an essential part of healthy living, and a wide variety of problems can plague water, that most vital of mediums. Even city water can contain contaminants, if filtered improperly or the pipes are dirty or damaged. Things you do not want to drink include microbes, viruses, industrial chemicals, and various dissolved minerals and metals. Lead is one common metal that you want to drink as little of as possible, while other particles cause a bad taste. Standing water, such as a pond or a cistern, not only contain germs, but possibly the toxic waste of germs if they have been growing heavily.It is possible for you to own a private water filter, which cleanses questionable water for your entire home. Boiling can kill bacteria and may even break down some harmful chemicals, but some chemicals do not decay easily, and harmful metals do not break down at all. If you do not have the money, they you can at least filter the water you drink with a small hand-held filter, such as a Brita system. On the other hand, is it not better to be able to bathe in the same type of water you wish to drink?A good whole house water filter eliminates all thse problems, first by sifting the water through a compact medium such as sand, then through an even finer filter such as microscopic fiber sheets. Any remaining germs or bacteria are eliminated with clorine or some other chemical. Some of the better filters can analyze water and adjust for ph or or chemistry. One new technology is reverse osmosis, and such units are getting cheaper.Any number of whole house water filter systems are available; just check on the web, it is big business. Some major brands include Aquasana, Crystal Quest, Cunz, and Lifesource. These are all excellent brands, and use different methods of filtration. Amost all use some manner of cartidge or chemical media, which must be bought seperately, and so adds to your water costs. Average life for a filter unit may be a little over five years. All things considered, whole house water filters may be more expensive than city water, but you might want to make sure, or perhaps where you live you do not have the choice.