The Water Molecule

Water is easily the most common material on earth, and is also the most remarkable. It is fluid at a modest temperature, and can store enormous amounts of thermal energy. It is naturally a gas, and yet thanks to the fact it is slightly magnetized, it forms a stable fluid under normal atmospheric pressure. Yet, it is still able to form vapor and enter the atmosphere at any temperature, even when frozen. Water is a solvent, and solid chemicals can become disolved in it. These solid chemicals can interact with each other freely in the solvent called water, and so water is medium in which complex chemistry is possible. Much of every living thing contains water, and life depends on water to take advantage of its chemistry. Water is even gracious enough to freeze into a solid that floats. It is time to discover the marvel that is water. As mentioned, water is a solvent and is slightly magnetized. It consists of one oxygen atom and one hydrogen atom, two of the most basic gases in the universe. Because hydrogen in particular is common, and because it fuses with oxygen so strongly, water is an extremely common material throughout the universe. Wherever there is a supernovae to eject oxygen into space, there is water. H20 is magnetized because oxygen is more strongly negative than hydrogen, thus making hydrogen comparatively positive. Water molecules cling to each other because of this electrical attraction, and this is the reason why water is able to form a fluid easily in spite of actually being a gas. The polarity of water is also the reason why it acts as a solvent. Water accepts up to four hydrogen bonds, because each water molecule is able to share two hydrogen atoms. Many chemicals break apart in water and the component atoms are suspended in water, but when water evaporates, the solid is left. For examples, look at one of the water molecule diagrams. One of the best parts of water is that, thanks to its strong bond to other water molecules, it takes a great deal of energy to make water boil. Since water can store so much thermal energy, it is the reason why a person subjected to cold does not immediately freeze and why someone who is hot does not physically evaporate. The thermal properties of water makes life possible out of the sea.