The Water Page | Summer Fun: Water Parks and Pool Safety

During the summer, parents want to relax in the sun with a cool drink and watch their kids play in the lake, pool, or ocean. Water parks provide a sense of thrill and excitement from ordinary daily life. People from all around the world travel to regions heavily concentrated with water parks. Believe it or not, water parks offer the safest way for families to enjoy playing the water under the radiant sun. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), water parks have come together in an effort to make them the safest public venue for people, especially young children who may still need to develop their swimming skills. While water parks have done all they can to ensure the safety of entire families, parents and guardians should also watch over their kids while they laugh and splash.Q: Do kids need life vests at water parks? Q: Should kids understand the rules of water parks before entering? Q: Should kids wear sunscreen at water parks? Q: Should children go to a water park if they are somewhat sick? Q: Should children wear a GPS locator?Q: What are some ways to help prevent children from drowning?