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The objective of this section of The Water Page is to air a number of issues which are currently under discussion in the water sector. In the issues presented there are a number of different points of view. The objective is to present the issues together with the different view points in order to encourage the sharing of information and dialogue. The editors of The Water Page also have views which are usually apparent in the materials.It is clear from the range of issues that the field of water resources management and the provision of water services is very complex, multi-faceted and inter-related with many other issues including our wider environment, economics, social realities, development, agriculture, health, etc., etc.Further issues will be added in due course. Climate ChangeWater & ConflictPrivate Sector EngagementPublic/Private/PratnershipsInt. Water CompaniesCarbon Block Water FilterWhen Just Wet isn’t Good EnoughDrinking Water PurificationPure Water is FilteredHome Water DistillersBest Home Water FilterMicro-filtered WaterGet Soft Water Without SaltWater on the MoonWater PollutionWater Fuel & EnergyWater Softener ReviewsWater Softeners & Softener SystemsWater TreatmentEffects of Acid Rain