Water Sports: The Scuba Diving Resource Guide

Scuba diving is a fascinating sport with an incredible number of facets to it. While most people do it for recreation, it can also be used for scientific, military, and recovery purposes. Although scuba diving looks fairly simple, it involves a good deal of training due to the nature of this sport. Diving underwater for extended periods of time can be rather risky. However, safety features in the equipment coupled with thorough training, preparation, and preventative techniques help to minimize the risks.There are several highly reputable organizations worldwide that offer training and certification for all levels of scuba divers. Apart from simply teaching divers how to operate the equipment, they also teach safety procedures, and show divers how to plan a dive to ensure the safest underwater conditions. Scuba diving is an extremely fun and rewarding sport when it is carried out carefully and meticulously. The following resources will help introduce you to this wonderful sport, along with more information on how to choose and buy equipment, follow safety procedures, and become certified.Scuba Diving BasicsEquipment InformationScuba Diving SafetyDecompression Sickness (PDF) – Learn about how decompression sickness occurs and what can be done to prevent and treat it.Scuba ClubsScuba Diver Training and Certification Agencies